When God says wait

Back to Sarah S’ page > INTRO Been seeking God’s guidance and kind of got to the answer – wait.  Waiting can be tough and I’m not the best at it, but God’s working on me! When God says wait When God says wait he’s saying open your heart to him Trust me, I’m going […]


Back to Sarah S’ page > INTRO In July 2016 I had one of those lightbulb moments. I don’t think I had thought about this before but here’s what I wrote – ““transformed people transform people”.  So that means we all have a responsibility as Christians to help bring others to God.  We can do […]

Ashes to Beauty

Back to Sarah S’ page > INTRO I know that before I gave my life to Jesus I had a stronghold in my life that I hadn’t handed to him.  My sexuality was the overriding issue, a stronghold of the enemy that he was not wanting to give up without a fight. The simple question […]

Ruffle some feathers

Back to Sarah S’ page > INTRO As Christians are we scared to speak out?  Are there times where someone says something about Christianity and we try and merge into the background, not wanting to comment for fear of judgment or ridicule?  Are there times we avoid those conversations altogether, steering the conversation away from […]

No Surprises

Back to Sarah S’ page > INTRO What surprises you most about Jesus?  That was the thought provoking challenge on my daily reading this morning.  As I mulled that thought over, it came to me that I think the thing that challenges me most (maybe not surprises me) is the fact that Jesus stayed silent […]

I’m a Good Person

Back to Sarah S’ page > Talking to God he spoke to me about my role in helping to open the eyes of the blind and I kind of felt he was saying not just of non-Christians but also of Christians who maybe interpret the Bible in their own way, to suit them or not […]


Back to Sarah S’ page > Written in response to my denomination voting on gay marriage. God tells us in his word that homosexuality is wrong. Why then are we bowing to pressure from secular society to allow gay people to marry in church? People, this is our faith, this is what our God calls […]

It’s Not OK

Back to Sarah S’ page > I don’t know how others in my position feel, but I just want to be able to tell people about what God has done for me in my life and use that testimony to help them reflect upon his word and make their own choices, happy to have a […]

Being gay is not fabulous

Back to Sarah S’ page > A couple of incidents with church members led me to write this out of frustration. Being told that I was wrong to leave my lesbian relationship, God didn’t mind and even that they would celebrate if their child came out to them was unhelpful, and frankly sad. – Today […]

Don’t be obsessed with going alone

Back to Sarah S’ page > I really am loving Romans 8 and God keeps taking me back to it, everytime I read it he gives me something more to think about, it is an awesome passage. – Sin is a disordered mess, chaos and pain, laws violated, peace annihilated, wickedness abounds, evil surrounds, humanity […]


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