In July 2016 I had one of those lightbulb moments. I don’t think I had thought about this before but here’s what I wrote – ““transformed people transform people”.  So that means we all have a responsibility as Christians to help bring others to God.  We can do this in many ways but I think often the testimony of our changed behaviour and values can speak volumes, more maybe than the spoken word.  It’s a balance I’m sure, we all have our different callings and some with be evangelists but for those who don’t have that gift, just being “the new creation” that God has made us can help transform those around us, our family and friends.”



I just got it, the light bulb just illuminated and I am animated cos I see that transformed people transform people

We stand out, not because of our history but by virtue of our testimony of God’s saving grace

So it’s like we’ve seen his face and in that place at that time we know God said “well that’s it she’s mine, she’s my child and we’re reconciled, her sins are forgiven and as a forgiven sinner I know that she will love her neighbour, extend the arm of love to others”

I am no longer a mere mortal living on morsels of human charity, I live in the prosperity of my Father’s generosity and I probably can’t explain how much that means to me, but here’s what I feel as I kneel at my Father’s feet

I feel complete, chosen, part of God’s elite army, a special possession, an obsession of God who loves me so hard it sweeps me off my feet,  no longer the ordinary girl in the street, I am reformed, changed from the inside out, I have no doubts, no fears

I draw near to God, I exhale the world then inhale his word, I no longer conform to the expectations of this world,

I am anointed to standout, speak out, use my God given talents, to accept God’s challenge and make things happen, I will not remain silent, my God is smiling on me, transformed, renewed, included in God’s plans, I remain obedient as I place my life in his hands.


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