Rev12 Project

Our desire is to evoke conversation, to challenge society’s view of normal, to encourage debate, to open the door to a new culture of tolerance for faith-based beliefs, and to offer an alternative to the fiercely held views that sexual orientation is inborn and will never change.

Every contributor to this site has personally journeyed with same-sex attraction (SSA) yet through finding a relationship with Jesus they have found a new and fulfilling identity in Christ.

Let their stories speak for themselves; we invite you to explore our site, engage with our creativity and allow a different narrative to provoke your thinking.

We love you, and it’s true, we may not always see eye to eye, but let’s set aside our differences and enjoy this journey of exploration together.


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rev12 ?

The final book in the Bible, Revelation, is a powerful book of apocalyptic imagery which Christians trust and believe speak of the end times of the earth. Chapter 12 talks of a war in heaven, a war which was started by a fallen angel Satan, whose goal is to lead the world astray. He accuses all human beings before God, seeking to discredit us and separate us from God’s love.

Yet we read that this accuser was hurled down and beaten. Victory came because of the blood of the Lamb (that’s Jesus who died for us), and through testimony of those who had already overcome his lies.

The Rev 12 project is our tribute to the importance of testimony. Only through the truth of our stories can others find hope and freedom from their own hurts or struggles and find alternative answers to their questions of identity.


The Rev 12 project is the brainchild of members of Transformed International, a peer support group of Christians who have experienced, or continue to experience, same sex attraction. Because of our perspective on how Christianity has changed us and how we have been marginalised by many as products of so-called “conversion therapy”, we wanted to engage with you and share our perspective through our own, unique stories.

The Transformed International group is an integral part of the ministry of Transformed Ministries –


Misunderstandings cause rifts, and rifts cause hurt and pain. There has been much bad press about people who choose not to act on their sexual feelings because of their faith. We want to help iron out any misunderstandings, to explode the myth that we were coerced, brainwashed or even that we are miserable in our choice! Take a look at our Testimonies


The Rev12 Project is managed by:
Transformed Ministries
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