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Garments of Praise

Worship works like a coat. When you put on a coat it’s cold outside it’s raining – the coat doesn’t change the weather outside , but , it does change you. No matter what kind of year you have had,… filled with ups and downs – worship is the way you clothe yourself for a discouraging World. Worship is the way that you change your focus and you push aside the things that are worrying you and discouraging you and you lift up who Jesus is, you put Him back on the throne of your life and you say You are the King I am following!

I believe that You are sovereignly in control of all of this and I don’t know how it’s going to work out but as you elevate Jesus, as you worship Him – it is like putting on a jacket and the very same conditions and circumstances in your life that were crushing you yesterday becomes something you can thrive in today not because they changed but because you did.

Gloria & Peace

Whether this season be Happy or Sad,
Peaceful or full of dread
Whether your heart is full of joy or painfully dismembered,
whether hope is your living reality or only a thing with feathers that distantly whispers in the wind –

Through the inky shades of night
In the murkiness of life
Love Has a name
Hope has a name
God came near,
He moved into our neighborhood
Yours and mine!
Glory in the Highest
and Peace on whom His favor rests!

A Symphony of Worship (Psalm 150)

When our hearts are joined together in the worship of the Living God, we are joining with the rest of the universe and all of Heaven in one voice in a rapturous song of Praise. Every aspect of our lives joins in this Symphony. Every note in harmony with one another.

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Even when I was drowning in turmoil, doubt, shame and guilt with regards to same sex attraction – Your love guided me through, like a Good Father your hand never left my side.

Waymaker II

Through every storm of emotions and  disappointments  – it was Your Love, Jesus that was my safe space in the midst of the chaos of my decisions.

Gentle Hands

Your hands gently fashion something useful out of this collective lump of lost opportunities, dead end dreams, mood swings, unhealthy habits, indisciplined emotions and disordered attractions and ONLY YOU Jesus could fashion it into something new, a life that you could use.

Your right hand holds me fast

Even when I made my bed in the depths of sinful choices, even at the height of my rebellion, even in my unfaithfulness YOU REMAINED faithful –  Your Right Hand held me fast – even when thorny consequences of my choices threatened to choke my lie.

Mount Horeb

The Mountain of God, is also a place called desolation. God claimed my emptiness and met me through the unextinguishable fire of His Holy Love. In the place called desolation He ignited a fresh fire within my heart and loved me back to LIFE!

Dry Bones

When the WORD of Life collides with the death that sin brings the dry bones come back to life, I could be counted amongst the number of disjointed dry bones laid to waste, till the word of life, the word of love, the word of hope and the word of truth came to set me free, breathing life back into my lungs.

“Imago Dei” – Latin for image of God

Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. Through cloudy wastelands of self doubt and confusion of identity and sexuality, Your rod and staff has always comforted me. At every turn Your Truth has set me free! You gently illuminate the path I tread on – the narrow one, the road less travelled, guiding me on this wild adventure that’s brimming with LIFE, in all of it’s abundance! As the clouds lift, I discover the Image you have created in me – the only identity that has the power to define and set sons and Daughters free. I am who You say I am!

Come to me

To all who are weak and weary, brokenhearted and burnt out – Come to me and I will give you rest. Jesus’s invitation to life is unequivocal. It is for everybody – regardless of what we struggle with – He is the only one who could give us rest for our souls. The Prince of Peace invites you to come to Him today, will you respond?

When he was still far off

When the prodigal child is still far off, the Father still loves us enough to come running. Mercy comes running to embrace the sin-stained prodigal child, even when they smell like the pig’s pen.  The Father will not be held back – His grace and love cover the multitude of our sin – the only response is to melt into the Father’s embrace.

Your grace finds me

Your Grace defines me, Your Grace refines me, Your Grace collides with my sin and makes me holy, Your Grace still amazes me.

At home where we belong

The Father, in the story of the Prodigal Son, ran to embrace His lost child- while he was still retracing his path back home. The Father put a ring on his finger and a clean robe on his back, new sandals for his feet… and then the Father celebrated this lost child coming home.

In an instant the lost son was reinstated into the family, he was given back his identity and authority – the ring , the family signet ring symbolizes complete restoration into the authority of being a son /daughter of the most High God.

Being an outcast/misfit/fringe element largely became part of my identity as LGBTQ, but being fully restored to being a daughter of the Living God means that I /we are not marginalized – but walk in divine authority

I’m holding on to you - Jesus

Often when trials and  old patterns of temptations arise, Jesus just reminds me that even in the thick of my struggle, when I feel like I cannot hold onto Him, He reminds me that He is the one holding onto me, all I have to do is just be held by Him


Our ensnared, prickly, mean, sinful hearts in the Refiner’s hand. He will disentangle, sever that rusty barbed wire that is strangling and choking our hearts , and poisoning our blood even as it’s thorns pierce us. That barbed wire that torments not only us but wounds and keeps out those who seek to come near us.

That barbed wire of judgementalism, a critical spirit, stinginess of heart, victimhood, unforgiveness. So much more.

Heart of flesh

You took away my unfeeling, barely breathing, barely living, stone cold, heart of stone. That couldn’t discern the difference between right or wrong, life and death- and you put within me a new heart, the heart of flesh, a heart made by you. A heart that lives and moves and finds it’s being in You.


Zoe is Greek for LIFE – life as God has it – both eternal and abundant. Jesus’s offer to abundant life does not have an expiry date.

It is only in dying to ourselves can we even experience this Life. 


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