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The road to surrender tends to be a lifelong path with many opportunities to change directions, if one wishes. It’s in the day to day walk that other voices attempt to convince me that a different path is better. I find that if I listen to the sweet whisper of Jesus, his voice becomes the soothing compass that guides my feet home. He’s the way… Baby steps.


I came to a crossroads once, where I chose to abandon all I was to God. It meant giving up everything I thought I ever wanted, placing my identity in his hands, and unconditionally choosing the God who created me over anything this world has to offer. The decision had great loss tied to it. It was both painful and beautiful all at the same time. Overall God proved Matthew 16:25 to be true. When I tried to live life my way, I lost it. When I surrendered it to him, I found it. And I’ve never known a truer love and more beautiful life than this.


In a world where love can often be conditional, dependent on relational actions and reactions. There is only one who fully sees, hears, and indubitably loves us despite ourselves – God. Through our greatest achievements, biggest failures, and deepest pain. We are loved.

Here I Am

When one comes face to face with Jesus, it quickly becomes evident how broken we are and how exceptionally good he is. Thankfully, we don’t have to fix ourselves, he loves us right where he finds us.


To identify and work on trauma and self-improvement is a noble thing. Additionally, to completely trust and submit to the God who created us, professes no self-imposed nobility rather humble gratitude to the one in whom nothing is impossible. If he created the world, removing our sin and pain should be a walk in the park.


I’ve found unconditional surrender to God has brought light to a most peaceful concept. Race, gender, feelings, mistakes, successes, social status, talents, personality, and even sexual attractions are not the means to measure my core identity. Only a good and loving God that made me in his image can do that.


Genesis 9 tells how a merciful God made a pathway out for Noah and his family, in a time of torrential flooding. When everything cleared, he sent a rainbow in the sky to remind them that waters will never destroy the world again. Those that trust and follow him today are furnished their own pathway out and their own rainbow that denotes salvation in a God that can stop our world from drowning, in every way.


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