Written in response to my denomination voting on gay marriage. God tells us in his word that homosexuality is wrong. Why then are we bowing to pressure from secular society to allow gay people to marry in church? People, this is our faith, this is what our God calls us to, to be obedient, to teach the truth, to save lives for his Kingdom. #nocompromise

No compromise

Enough of the lies,

Enough of us bowing to secular pressure,

No more, speak up and speak out, this is our faith,

God is not to be taken for a fool, he has given us rules to live our lives by,

Wake up, smell the coffee, it’s Satan who lies, who seeks to infiltrate our lives, our church

Stand strong, don’t allow him a sphere of influence, don’t let him create an ambiguous message that leaves our generation in a mess, giving them more and leaving them less, it’s not about free grace, it’s about seeking God’s face.

Jesus never said it’d be easy, stop looking for easy answers and start asking questions

God how can I be a blessing to this generation who have their eyes on the destination but their hearts on earthly lusts

How can we show them to trust in your word?

Let us speak truthfully, give us the ability to reach out to those we see struggling with unanswered questions, give us patience as we repeat ourselves over again

Each time the Bible is brought into question let me never fail to mention that this is it,

This is the God breathed truth, my working manual, my guide, don’t let them ride roughshod over your word,

Let my voice be heard, as I stand up for your word

If you want to be a child of God sometimes it’s going to be quite hard, sometimes you’ll need to change your ways, obedience is all he requires, and God is all my heart desires


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