When God says wait


Been seeking God’s guidance and kind of got to the answer – wait.  Waiting can be tough and I’m not the best at it, but God’s working on me!

When God says wait

When God says wait he’s saying open your heart to him

Trust me,

I’m going to make you completely and perfectly happy in me

I will unlock reservoirs of joy

Don’t be impatient I am shaping you, preparing you for all the things I hold for you

Come join me in a place of quiet retreat

Take a seat

See all the great things I am about to do before your eyes,

Receive an abiding sense of my love for you

Don’t be frustrated, the answer will come when you least expect it

Trust in my plans for you

Trust my timing it is sublime

Time and time again I battle for you

I shield you, protect you, I never forgot you

And if you could take a sneak peek behind the scenes, perhaps then you’d see that your dreams are small in comparison to mine

My plans for you are so perfect, so refined it may take some time but it will be worth it.


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