Don’t be obsessed with going alone

I really am loving Romans 8 and God keeps taking me back to it, everytime I read it he gives me something more to think about, it is an awesome passage.

Sin is a disordered mess, chaos and pain, laws violated, peace annihilated, wickedness abounds, evil surrounds, humanity struggles to rebalance the natural order, still we witness disorder and slaughter, where can we find a place of safe harbour?

God saw the problem we had created, considered it so important that he sent his son to sort it, this was no quick fix, no plaster stuck over a wound, we were doomed if he ignored us, there is no plus to being sinful, sin leads to death, our bodies will die and wither and either you go with that and have no hope, no promise from God (and you will be damned) or you can listen to his word and understand that through his Spirit we trust him implicitly to give us eternal life and set us free.

Trust in God, don’t be obsessed with going alone, focus on more than your earthly being, God is the one who is all-seeing, focus on God and he will deliver, he’s no quitter, he sent his son to save sinners and if God has taken a place in your life, I’m not saying you’ll never experience strife, but what he promises is this, you will still experience sinful urges but you’re living life on God’s terms now, your body is as alive as his, he gives you a renewed strength and courage to stand up and be counted, to turn your back on sinful ways to turn temptation into praise, don’t dwell on what has gone before, focus on every new door opened, praise him that you were chosen.

Recognise that the life you’re now living has been given you to use, be expectant on God’s voice, rejoice in every opportunity he presents, remember the unbelievable inheritance that waits those who serve him now, if God is for us who can be against us and because God is with us through the hard times I cannot articulate my excitement as I joyfully anticipate the day we meet him face to face.

Let nothing on earth faze us because Jesus loves us and hear his words when he tells us, so many times in the Bible I see the importance of love from a God who embraces us, and nothing, no nothing living or dead, of angels or demons can separate us from the love of God, and that goes for yesterday, today and tomorrow,  wherever we follow no matter how far and wide he is always by our sides, I am beside myself with emotion because the devotion of a God who calls me by name, has forgiven my sin and my shame, apportions no blame, can never be taken away, what more can I say…?


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