Sacrificial Scars

Back to Sarah S’ page > Reflecting on some of my past behaviour I was reminded today that my scars are superficial, part of my frail human make-up. However, Jesus died on the Cross for us, he has sacrificial scars that mean that I am forever saved and released. – Hanging by a thread, Self-inflicted […]

God is my strength

Back to Sarah S’ page > When I became a Christian I had strong support around me, women who were praying for me to gain an understanding of what God wanted me to do. I got reassurance that God is strong enough for me, and although I was weary and struggling with how to navigate […]

Building Strong Foundations

Back to Sarah S’ page > In 2015 I wrote – I need to do something about my foundations, I have been thinking that God is doing a rebuilding work in my life and this is an important process so that he can use me for his work in the future. I was given this […]

True Friendship

Back to Sarah S’ page > Friends are so important. I know that since becoming a Christian I have noticed a true love and compassion that comes from other Christians that I have never experienced before and it feels good to be surrounded by people who really do care and are prepared to put effort […]


Back to Sarah S’ page > I think that recovering from past hurts needs us to face up to those hurts and recognise the affect they have had on our lives. However that’s not to say I don’t believe in God’s great healing powers and with his support I faced up to my “issues” and […]

My God, My Friend

Back to Sarah S’ page > How good it feels to have a friend called Jesus, if he is for me, WHO can be against me? – No matter how hard things get, tomorrow’s a new day to make it better No matter how low I feel, I can climb higher, mountains are conquered one […]

Present Sufferings

Back to Sarah S’ page > We may face times of challenge, times where we can’t see how things are going to pan out or where we kind of think God has lost the plot in our lives. We may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but guess […]

Enlarge the place of your tent

Back to Sarah S’ page > Poem based on a prophetic word given to me soon after I became a Christian that spoke into my regrets over never having a family of my own and the joy of the birth of the Transformed family of overcomers of which I am privileged to be spiritual Mother […]

The Power of the Cross

Back to Sarah S’ page > One of my all-time favourite songs is The Power of the Cross and that song inspired me to write this. Do you recognise the power of the Cross? – The Power of the Cross, so do you get it or not? When you read the story do you think, […]

No More Idols

Back to Sarah S’ page > One particular morning I was struggling big time with my thoughts, to be frank I was finding being celibate really hard and I was battling some of those thoughts/feelings which were dominating my mind.  When I did my online reading the subject matter was “Idolatory”.  So here’s the thing, […]


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