Enlarge the place of your tent

Poem based on a prophetic word given to me soon after I became a Christian that spoke into my regrets over never having a family of my own and the joy of the birth of the Transformed family of overcomers of which I am privileged to be spiritual Mother to.

Enlarge the place of your tent they said, words that fell on slightly deaf ears as tears rolled down a face of regret, yet something piqued my attention, enlarge the place of your tent, what was that, what does that mean, what has God seen that I haven’t comprehended, in the midst of being unfriended for my choice, now a voice quashed because of my faith, and here God’s telling me to rejoice and prepare my place for something new, opening the doorway wide, creating a cavernous space to embrace, but to embrace who?

God speaks in riddles, in coded words, to the untrained ear it can feel absurd, to tell a menopausal woman of 49 to prepare for an invasion of children from north, south, east and west, yet never forget, our God knows best, and as I prayed I felt the call, the smallest glimmer of hope arose, was I no longer to be alone, what plans did God have, what was it to be, the detail and schedule were troubling me.

I laid this down at his feet, I knew he was going to make me complete, as I started to pray, I sensed him say, your family is coming, they’re on their way. It’s a sense of wonder to me, how did it all start, it’s a blur but I know that God played his part, the Transformed family was his gift freely given, it started with 3 and then crept up to 7, multiplication was promised, and it was given, overcomers kept coming, redeemed and forgiven, all on the same trajectory towards heaven.

The promise was more, not just a family, but a family of warriors who will dispossess nations, my heart soars and swells with pride as we build our foundations, a family of soldiers with God on their side, Satan be warned we are armed and dangerous, completely transfixed on our God-given purpose, to tear down the pretence of the Father of lies, partnering with the lamb who died, his blood shed for us combined with our story, will ensure an immense and triumphant victory; these are my people, my children, my family, a people God’s chosen to change the course of history.


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