No More Idols

One particular morning I was struggling big time with my thoughts, to be frank I was finding being celibate really hard and I was battling some of those thoughts/feelings which were dominating my mind.  When I did my online reading the subject matter was “Idolatory”.  So here’s the thing, I kind of got to thinking that if anything becomes “dominant” in our minds, whether sexual, monetary, food related, relationship driven or other, does that then detract from our relationship with God?  

What is an idol?  Not just a statue of gold or precious metal, not solely a graven image or symbol of hope, nor an effigy depicting some wannabe God, this may be hard for us to hear, but our idols may be incredibly near, causing damage to our hearts, causing us to marginalise our God, squeezing him out of our daily walk, preventing us from constructive talk and prayer, stripping away layers of our time, prime time which we can never recover, time which should be spent discovering the love of our heavenly father; we waste that time with him forever.

What are your idols, stop, reflect?  What can you not do without, what fills your head when you first wake, what sacrifices do you make to ensure you get what you really want, what barriers haunt your walk with God, what idols really make him sad when he looks upon your daily journey, what makes you really not quite worthy to say my God I am yours wholly.

God I’m sorry for anything I put in my life that takes time away from your great love, that I place higher on my agenda, may I surrender them now to you and use my discernment to recognise the reactions I have to such idols, to amend my actions, mend the fractures of my heart, make a new start, no more idols but a tidal wave of love and yearning, for Godly blessings and more learning, may my head turn back to you in all I think and say and do.


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