The Power of the Cross

One of my all-time favourite songs is The Power of the Cross and that song inspired me to write this. Do you recognise the power of the Cross?

The Power of the Cross, so do you get it or not? When you read the story do you think, my God you are awesome or do you think he was lame, insane to allow mere man to kill him, if you are God then stop them, why do you allow their mocking, their delighting in your death, stand up and fight, go on show them the light.

Whatever camp you fall in, “God is the greatest”, or “God who”, this is a striking message for you, the message of a new creation, a revelation of the most important event of all time and eternity, Jesus dying on the Cross, you are insane if you think he was lame, the foremost goal of Jesus on coming to earth from the moment of his birth was to die, to die for being himself, his only crime was being Christ, he didn’t die for anything he had done, he died for you, for me, you see it was going to take the cross to save humanity, no one else could have done this for you, think this through…. Jesus has the ultimate relationship with God the Father, Jesus has the ultimate relationship with God the Spirit, God filled by God with God died on the Cross for you.  WOW check that out, God, with God, in God died for us, grasp the reality of what the Cross symbolises, God came to earth, we kill him, he lets us because he must suffer, must be rejected, must be killed, and MUST rise again, spelling death for all our sins and imperfections, true perfection, death then resurrection, eternal life, a new creation, a new covenant with God, is that too hard to understand?

As darkness fell across the land, Jesus became the ultimate sacrificial lamb, so in reality what does that mean for you and me, quite simply your chains are gone, you’ve been set free, direct access to God, no need for intermediaries, no priests or sacrifice required, your guilt transferred to another, your sins laid on him and freedom is yours, you can talk directly to God, curtain torn in two, KEEP OUT sign destroyed and all this because Jesus is the true sacrifice and died in our place, now we meet him face to face as prophesied in Jeremiah, “I will be their God and they my people… they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them” that prophesy fulfilled in full, so anytime you need to call on God, there is no guard, no locked door, no special code, the door was opened long ago, Jesus bore the heavy load of sin and shame, hurt and blame, whatever place you are in freely come to him, offload your thoughts, your fears, your tears, and listen to his awesome words, “it is finished” we are no longer lost…BOOM the power of the cross.


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