True Friendship

Friends are so important. I know that since becoming a Christian I have noticed a true love and compassion that comes from other Christians that I have never experienced before and it feels good to be surrounded by people who really do care and are prepared to put effort in to a relationship. When I wrote this I felt that my new friendships were more one sided but I was confident that in the future I would be able to give back so much to those who supported me through my valleys (and that feels really special).

What is a friend?

Investing time, energy, providing synergy

Never giving up on me

A place of safety in my storm

Helping me become informed

Reaffirming my faith in humanity

A shining example of Christianity

Supporting me as I reform

Helping me understand the norm

Assisting me to recover my sanity

Working with me patiently

Praying for me frequently

Silently upholding me

Valiantly uplifting me

A constant source of help for me

Thank you for your love for me.


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