Being gay is not fabulous

A couple of incidents with church members led me to write this out of frustration. Being told that I was wrong to leave my lesbian relationship, God didn’t mind and even that they would celebrate if their child came out to them was unhelpful, and frankly sad.

Today woke up with stuff on my mind, like how can people be so blind to what the Lord is telling them, wake up and read the Bible, stop being in denial we are falling into a spiral of harmful misrepresentation, a strangulation of the truth, like an infected tooth the pain is spreading in my mind, whilst people try to be so kind, to paper over all the cracks, to spend time twisting facts, interpreting verses to suit their situation, you are just fuelling my frustration.

Being Gay is not fabulous, never was, never will be, being Gay is like a torment, a life of discontent the only way to find contentment is to seek the fulfilment of God’s forgiveness, to seek the richness of his grace, to offer him the weight of your sin, to open up your heart and let him in.


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