Survivor to Thriver – Part 3

Back to Elize’s page > This poem describes the reactions that trauma has when it is unresolved, the response of the abused coming face to face with the abuser.Scenario: In the parking lot leaving an event with friends. Jumping into the car and friend is driving.   I saw you over and over again,Again in […]

Survivor to Thriver – Part 2

Back to Elize’s page > The poem depicts the behaviour and feelings someone with of ptsd from abuse.     It was not just one time,it was all the time. You think you left me that night,you never did.You followed me.You stalked me.Your shadow was always beside me. I felt you, I felt you near me.I felt you […]

“Mirror: Should I?”- Part 2

Back to Elize’s page > Mirror mirror on the wall,Should I look at you at all?What you show me, is it real?What you tell me, is it true?Mirror mirror on the wall,Should I listen to you at all? Why should I look at you,When all you tell me is nothing new.Nothing’s changed. All is the […]

“Mirror: My Reflection” – Part 1

Back to Elize’s page > What the mirror reflected back to me, after those nights, wasn’t the same image I saw weeks before.   I no longer want to be me.Who I am is a woman,And that is no longer me.It is no longer true.Rejected by self. There is nothing beautiful here any more.It has […]

The God Who Sees All & Sustains All

The God Who Sees All & Sustains All

Back to Elize’s page > These are the banners that I currently hold for the Lord Jesus, but why two? The first banner “Ruach” means “Wind, Breathe, All-Sufficient One”” and the second “El Roi”  means “The God Who Sees”.  I chose these two because they spoke into the season of doubt, unbelief and physical challenges […]

Genuine Faith

Back to Elize’s page > Not every art piece needs to be about the end story. It may be about the current journey we are on, so here is my present. Many people think that as Christians we are free of struggles but that is not true. In fact Scripture promises troubles and trials for […]


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