Survivor to Thriver – Part 2

The poem depicts the behaviour and feelings someone with of ptsd from abuse.



It was not just one time,
it was all the time.

You think you left me that night,
you never did.
You followed me.
You stalked me.
Your shadow was always beside me.

I felt you, I felt you near me.
I felt you walk behind me.
I’d jump around and see nothing.
I’d carefully peer over my shoulders,
Confident that you would be
behind me, Staring at me,

No one is there.

Physically you weren’t there,
You never left me.

Night times were your favourite,
As you stole my sleep from me.
As I closed my eyes, there you
As I dreamed, there you were.
Every night I fought,
I fought as me
But terror paralysed me.
I shook…Awake!

It happened again.
“It was just a dream.”
“It was just a dream.”
“It was just a dream.”
“Right? Right?
I hope so.”
“No, ” my body screamed.
“No. It wasn’t a dream.”
No. It was the demons you left
with me, Enjoying me nightly.


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