“Mirror: Should I?”- Part 2

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Should I look at you at all?
What you show me, is it real?
What you tell me, is it true?
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Should I listen to you at all?

Why should I look at you,
When all you tell me is nothing new.
Nothing’s changed. All is the same.
The same reflection.
The same perspective.
The same story.
The same meaning behind it all.
Nothing is new.

All I see is a me,
A me I don’t like to see.
I don’t want to see her.
She is broken, weak and of no good use.
Her invisible scars can be seen,
On her skin,
On her worst days.
But her wounds that run deep,
No one can see.
These wounds used to bleed but
Life decided to flee.
Now she is lifeless.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Should I trust you with it all?

Mirror mirror on wall,
What are you showing me?
Is that me?
Is that truly me?
It surely seems to be.
Mirror mirror, listen to me!
Show me something new!
Show me something more!
Turn your reflection around,
So that I may no longer see
What you are displaying to me.

Change your lighting.
Change your angle.
Change your perception and look again!
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Stop lying and deceiving,
But speak the truth to me, again!


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