Survivor to Thriver – Part 3

Back to Elize’s page > This poem describes the reactions that trauma has when it is unresolved, the response of the abused coming face to face with the abuser.Scenario: In the parking lot leaving an event with friends. Jumping into the car and friend is driving.   I saw you over and over again,Again in […]

Survivor to Thriver – Part 2

Back to Elize’s page > The poem depicts the behaviour and feelings someone with of ptsd from abuse.     It was not just one time,it was all the time. You think you left me that night,you never did.You followed me.You stalked me.Your shadow was always beside me. I felt you, I felt you near me.I felt you […]


Back to Mark’s page > Though costly, I presume, And censuring be hard, I bring You my perfume, Composed of purest nard.


Back to Mark’s page > The only doorway to find Aslan from this world is within your heart.

Gentle Tap

Back to Bianca’s page > If we connect, I tend to forget all the bad All the heartaches I’ve experienced How sin makes me feel. If we connect, how can I be normal And draw healthy boundaries? What does that even look like? Why is fantasy easy? I don’t even know that I’m doing it […]

He gave me Himself

Back to Bianca’s page > You set me free Death no longer has a grip on me I’m free to dance, sing, & shout. Praise the Lord, I am in the kingdom now Heaven calls Let His kingdom reign down in my soul Sing & shout & praise His name Jesus is here & He […]


Back to Bianca’s page > I look forward to the day I’ll fall in love w/ a man. I still crave intimacy, but Jesus forever satisfies. I am physical & do crave intimacy BUT this time I will wait on the Lord’s timing. Even if marriage is not in His plans (which I know it […]


Back to Bianca’s page > Background: I was struggling with my femininity and instead if wallowing in my endless thoughts & lies crafted by the enemy about what a woman is. I choose to deep dive into Proverbs 31- the virtuous woman! The truth is I still struggle. Women are beautiful! In many ways I […]

The Lies

Back to Bianca’s page > The lies kept me away from you, love, & friends. So many lies, all of the time So many lies, I thought I was fine Until you turned on the light & showed me why you fight! You fight for me, you died for me You set me free and […]

The Good Shepherd

Back to Bianca’s page > Based off Ezekiel 34 You take care of the weak You never let them starve. You tend to the sick & bound up the injured. For those who wandered away & are lost, you go looking for them. You are gentle and fair. You search for me through all the […]


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