Holy Spirit

Back to Supriya’s page > You make all things newYou make all of me newRemake my disfigured parts,Stained by the vomit of yesterday’s sin!Wash me with Your colours of Life anew! Let my calloused heart melt awayWithin the gaze of your warm embraceYou always receive me with Amazing GraceAwaken my heart, Awaken cold dreamsWeakened embers […]

Thank You

Back to Crystal’s page > Thank You Father thank you for all the growth,Even the pains.Thank you for healing my brain….Thank You for the sunshineAnd thank You for the rain.Thank You for the angerAnd the desire to tame it.Thank You for the abilityTo recognize when I’m to blame.Thank you for the confidenceTo shout Your name […]


Back to Crystal’s page > Foundation You have full Reign to work your MiraclesIn and through me.I’m extremely humbledBy the way that you pursue me.With your love, kindness & direction,You gently drew me.And in this process,You began creating a new me.Thank you for your grace,I feel safe in this placeI run, making hasteTo seek solely […]


Back to Crystal’s page > PURPOSE When the walls are closing in,and I can’t remember why I’m here.When my mind is clouded with doubt, insecurities and fear.When the voice of God has faded,to where I’m barely able to hear….I have purpose. When I lose that loved one,That I didn’t think that I would lose.When I […]

OUT of the WOODS (Excerpt 3)

Back to Linday’s page > A scene is playing right now which I don’t like to see. He’s actually changing it from video to a seriesof stills. I hate it and don’t want to look. I still feel the pain and humiliation of it and he’s slowed itdown so I have to see every detail. […]

OUT of the WOODS (Excerpt 2)

Back to Linday’s page > Looking now at this smiling kid in the photo I see a longing in the eyes. It’s still my face. I still look like that. I feel just like that and now here come the tears never far away always lapping near the shoreline. There was never a real resting […]

OUT of the WOODS (excerpt 1)

Back to Linday’s page > Moving slowly, Shielding my eyes from the light. There is a house in front of me. A huge house. It has a solid wooden front door with one of those iron knockers in the centre. The windows are open – it looks light and airy. There’s no side entrance though […]

Survivor to Thriver – Part 3

Back to Elize’s page > This poem describes the reactions that trauma has when it is unresolved, the response of the abused coming face to face with the abuser.Scenario: In the parking lot leaving an event with friends. Jumping into the car and friend is driving.   I saw you over and over again,Again in […]

Survivor to Thriver – Part 2

Back to Elize’s page > The poem depicts the behaviour and feelings someone with of ptsd from abuse.     It was not just one time,it was all the time. You think you left me that night,you never did.You followed me.You stalked me.Your shadow was always beside me. I felt you, I felt you near me.I felt you […]


Back to Mark’s page > Though costly, I presume, And censuring be hard, I bring You my perfume, Composed of purest nard.


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