OUT of the WOODS (excerpt 1)

Moving slowly,

Shielding my eyes from the light.

There is a house in front of me.

A huge house.

It has a solid wooden front door with one of those iron knockers in the centre.

The windows are open – it looks light and airy.

There’s no side entrance though I can see there are trees out at the back.

I look back at the dense wood from where I have just dragged myself and look again at the door with
a vague recollection from somewhere.

Somehow I already know this place.

I know in my gut it’s where he lives and I’m scared.

I’m dirty, sweaty, hot and hungry.

I am now up at the door – hesitating – but there is no point to turning back.

I know this is
where he lives – the one they said was my real dad.

I’ve heard a lot of stuff about him.

I’m wondering if he will know me.

Perhaps he won’t let me in.


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