When the walls are closing in,
and I can’t remember why I’m here.
When my mind is clouded with doubt, insecurities and fear.
When the voice of God has faded,
to where I’m barely able to hear….
I have purpose.

When I lose that loved one,
That I didn’t think that I would lose.
When I relapse in recovery,
Even if not on drugs or booze.
When I have the option of doing whats right,
But doing wrong is what I choose…
I have purpose.

When I fail at my ambitions,
Quitting before I complete my goals.
When the weight of this world is heavy,
And I feel empty in my soul.
When my emotions are scattered everywhere,
And I’m carrying a heavy load…
I have purpose.

When life has become unmanageable,
And everything seems like too much.
When the enemy tries to convince me,
That I'm worthless and such.
I just need one word from God,
And to feel His loving touch…
For, I have purpose.


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