I don’t think I’ll ever forget

Back to Bianca’s page > It got so dark I don’t think I’ll ever forget The pain, the hate for life, but mostly about me. I hated me on the inside. It got so dark I don’t think I’ll ever forget Who I could have become If you hadn’t had come. You saved me from […]

You burn for me

Back to Bianca’s page > You burn for me I will burn for you You burned for me first You burn for all of eternity Your eyes are flames of fire That burn for me! A piece of clay, dirt, from this earth, An ex-idol worshipper who committed adultery! You eyes are flames of fire […]

It’s been awhile

Back to Bianca’s page > I crave a sweet escape A numbness of pleasure I want this body to feel good For my thoughts to cease I want to lose myself in someone I can’t recall losing myself in You It has been awhile I should try again You have to be the answer You […]

How could I not love You?

Back to Bianca’s page > How can I not love you? Creator of the universe, Of all mankind You search for me and find me Every single time How can I not love you? Lord of all You created me to know you To be loved and adored You give me only promises filled with […]


Back to Bianca’s page > The plane/life may shake But I have no fear! For you are my rock You hold everything in the palm of your hand I will not fear for God is with me I lack nothing.


Back to Bianca’s page > I cannot express how I now feel You’ve changed and made me new From the inside out I will never be the same I’ve come so far your mighty Right arm holds me high You desire more of my love You never leave me You never let me down I […]

The Bench

Back to Bianca’s page > As I was waiting for the train to arrive, I noticed the fall colors. The leaves falling down and blowing in the wind. I saw an empty bench and for some reason it made me feel nostalgic. For years I’d sit on a similar bench, in some town, some city […]


Back to Bianca’s page > I don’t think about you with every song Not every sound reminds me of you, of “us” It took me one whole year to move on I’ve fallen in love with Jesus I’ve truly fallen in love with Him all over again and in new ways I’ve learned about Him […]

Meet me in the clouds

Back to Bianca’s page > Meet me in the clouds You make me proud To be my God To be your servant You created the skies And when I fly by I can’t help but see Your marvelous works Everything you did for me Holy holy is the Lord God almighty I will praise His […]

My Savior’s Love

Back to Bianca’s page > My hair lies down I see them coming. More glory and grace. I want to see your face. The voices are dying I can now feel the truth A love so warming No more self harming I can taste your freedom I’ve finally escaped It is all thanks to Jesus […]


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