You have full Reign to work your Miracles
In and through me.
I’m extremely humbled
By the way that you pursue me.
With your love, kindness & direction,
You gently drew me.
And in this process,
You began creating a new me.
Thank you for your grace,
I feel safe in this place
I run, making haste
To seek solely your face
I was born to run this race
And at a slow, steady pace
Who else could birth new life

From what was meant
To cause us to break
I’ll be transparent because I’ve done things
That man would never forgive
I’ve flirted with with the enemy,
But was raised to truly live
I won’t complain about my upbringing,
My parents gave all they could give
They gave me love, life and Jesus…
Now I’m forever His.
Lift up your heads, oh ye gates,
And be lifted up.
Ye everlasting doors,
So let Him fill your cup.
The King of glory shall come in
Who is this King of glory?
The Lord, strong and mighty in battle
So speak life and tell your story.
We are overcome by our testimony
And God has been good to you
He gave you a strong foundation in Him
Because you're His chosen few
He’s there to comfort and guide us
When we don’t know what to do
He gave us life anew
And no matter what
God will always love you.


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