Aquaman (My version of Psalm 18)

Back to Rita’s page > Aquaman My version of Psalm 18 I always hoped Someone was searching for me Like I was buried treasure At the bottom of the sea And they sailed many Days Through rough waters Relentlessly. To plunge deep Like a Quintessentially Aquaman diver type. You know, The kind that breathes under […]


Back to Rita’s page > HOLY If walking holy meant being with men, Terror of their pain would grip me again. It wouldn’t be “if”,  it would be “when”. When would they lose my trust?  And  how would they do it? And cause my mending heart to split? Memories make me run from it  Reminding me […]


Back to Rita’s page > SANCTIFICATION Sanctification With the one who holds my life, But doesn’t hold me back From living to the full. He never fights  for control. Only gives me the choice To use my voice, Hoping that I will choose him  Too, And  That I will Let him be the caretaker of […]

True Love

Back to Rita’s page > TRUE LOVE The gospel shouts of the selfless love of the only God who gave his only son So that I may have everlasting life. The word who became flesh smiles As he talks of his passion for all of mankind.  He buoyantly uncovers revelation and new aspects of someone […]


Back to Rita’s page > DEPENDENCY There exists a soul  in a person That is more vast than the deepest ocean An abyss of “self”ish-potion Which twists and stirs in fierce motion. It never settles to rest Only swishes around in emotion At times, explosive and pain-filled compulsion. Other times, laughs at the notion Of […]


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