Next to the Holy of Holies

Back to Bianca’s page > Oh aching heart When will you learn? The devil hates you And your flesh doesn’t matter The time has com To rise in His power Walk in His glory You are a new creation No longer that old man Seated at the right hand of God In the 3rd heaven. […]

It can’t just be about us

Back to Bianca’s page > You are so freakin beautiful! I guess when I see you, I think to myself she’s mine and I really can’t see it that way. I’m typing this up and also going to pray at the same time if that makes sense. We need to be healthy, it’s the only […]

Where is my mind

Back to Bianca’s page > The nights are the hardest. This is night #2 of back to back feeling this way. Some days are better than other, but at night I’m reminded of how lonely I am! Not sure how you magically played the role of being my everything and satisfying my innermost cravings. I […]

You are flesh and bone

Back to Bianca’s page > You are just flesh and bone Nothing inside but dust Can you love me, the way that I need? Can I love you, the way you need? Love is dying, giving up what you want for the sake of the other. We should probably love ourselves too. I sometimes don’t […]

The Same Teenage Girl

Back to Bianca’s page > Hi Jesus, As you know, I am listening to music from a playlist that I created back in 11 years ago!!!! (2010) Craziness huh! I feel like this decade absolutely flew by, poof and it is 2021! Has much changed? I honestly don’t think, I’ve never really healed I don’t […]

All these years

Back to Bianca’s page > This was written around Valentine’s Day of this year, I got baptized around this time in 2005. As I look back on all the years I wasted, I now know that Jesus never left my side. Not even for one sec! All these years, you’ve held my hand You’ve never […]

This Flesh

Back to Bianca’s page > This is me learning how to rely on Jesus and His holy spirit in dying (daily) to my lustful bi-polar flesh. This flesh is bi-polar The mind changes so fast  want this and then I want that It’ll never be enough because only He can satisfy and this I know […]

Tired of Fighting

Back to Bianca’s page > Sometimes I question why I have SSA. I want a precise answer sometimes. I’m tired of fighting, of feeling all this pain. Teach me to love myself To break free from my past I am your righteousness I am loved Even when I don’t feel it so Even when I […]

I wish

Back to Bianca’s page > One of my love languages is ‘touch’. I wish I could physical touch Jesus, can’t wait until I am reuniting in Heaven with Him. I wish I could sit on your lap. I’d look into your eye and hold you so tight. Rest my head on your shoulders, as you […]

I gave my heart away

Back to Bianca’s page > Mommy issues. Searching for acceptance, approval, and love I gave my heart away. I gave my heart away so many times. Searching for acceptance, approval, and love My mommy didn’t love me At least not in all the ways that I craved It was never enough, or at least that […]