Gentle Tap

Back to Bianca’s page > If we connect, I tend to forget all the bad All the heartaches I’ve experienced How sin makes me feel. If we connect, how can I be normal And draw healthy boundaries? What does that even look like? Why is fantasy easy? I don’t even know that I’m doing it […]

He gave me Himself

Back to Bianca’s page > You set me free Death no longer has a grip on me I’m free to dance, sing, & shout. Praise the Lord, I am in the kingdom now Heaven calls Let His kingdom reign down in my soul Sing & shout & praise His name Jesus is here & He […]


Back to Bianca’s page > I look forward to the day I’ll fall in love w/ a man. I still crave intimacy, but Jesus forever satisfies. I am physical & do crave intimacy BUT this time I will wait on the Lord’s timing. Even if marriage is not in His plans (which I know it […]


Back to Bianca’s page > Background: I was struggling with my femininity and instead if wallowing in my endless thoughts & lies crafted by the enemy about what a woman is. I choose to deep dive into Proverbs 31- the virtuous woman! The truth is I still struggle. Women are beautiful! In many ways I […]

The Lies

Back to Bianca’s page > The lies kept me away from you, love, & friends. So many lies, all of the time So many lies, I thought I was fine Until you turned on the light & showed me why you fight! You fight for me, you died for me You set me free and […]

The Good Shepherd

Back to Bianca’s page > Based off Ezekiel 34 You take care of the weak You never let them starve. You tend to the sick & bound up the injured. For those who wandered away & are lost, you go looking for them. You are gentle and fair. You search for me through all the […]

I don’t think I’ll ever forget

Back to Bianca’s page > It got so dark I don’t think I’ll ever forget The pain, the hate for life, but mostly about me. I hated me on the inside. It got so dark I don’t think I’ll ever forget Who I could have become If you hadn’t had come. You saved me from […]

You burn for me

Back to Bianca’s page > You burn for me I will burn for you You burned for me first You burn for all of eternity Your eyes are flames of fire That burn for me! A piece of clay, dirt, from this earth, An ex-idol worshipper who committed adultery! You eyes are flames of fire […]

It’s been awhile

Back to Bianca’s page > I crave a sweet escape A numbness of pleasure I want this body to feel good For my thoughts to cease I want to lose myself in someone I can’t recall losing myself in You It has been awhile I should try again You have to be the answer You […]

How could I not love You?

Back to Bianca’s page > How can I not love you? Creator of the universe, Of all mankind You search for me and find me Every single time How can I not love you? Lord of all You created me to know you To be loved and adored You give me only promises filled with […]


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