The Good Shepherd

Based off Ezekiel 34

You take care of the weak
You never let them starve.
You tend to the sick & bound up the injured.
For those who wandered away & are lost, you go looking for them.
You are gentle and fair.

You search for me through all the mountains
& all the hills. Across the face of the earth,
You search for me.

You never abandon me!
You protect me from every wild attack!
You search for me when I am lost.
You rescue me from my prey.
You rescue me from all the places I scattered
On that dark & cloudy day.

You bring me back home
You feed me
You provide me w/ community.
You set me on the high mountains.
I lie down in peace, in pleasant places.

You bandage my injuries & strengthen me when I am weak.
You save me from abuse!


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