The Lies

The lies kept me away from you, love, & friends.
So many lies, all of the time
So many lies, I thought I was fine
Until you turned on the light
& showed me why you fight!

You fight for me, you died for me
You set me free and now I can breathe.
I am no longer desperate for attention
Or any false identification.
I am more than what I think
I am yours w/ a signet ring

The lies kept me away from you, love, & happiness
So many lies were in my head
So many lies, I started to believe them.
What I look like, what I thought
Was all a hellish joke.
Jesus looks at the heart and sees
Everything I had yet to believe.

The lies keep you back, the lies steal
As a matter of fact
Your life is more than fun & games
It is about Jesus, true love, and an eternity in heaven or hell.
He is our redeemer, the lover of our souls.
To know Him is to love Him, even more & more.

The lies kept me back, they told me I wasn’t accepted, smart, or good enough.
From a young age I was called stupid, death comments, hatred, violence, & pride
They all filled my world and in turn made me violent, angry, and mad.
I wanted to be held, cared for, and paid attention to.
The lies kept me back from everything that had any meaning at all.
Friends, love, healthy boundaries, success, it all became blurry.


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