How could I not love You?

How can I not love you?
Creator of the universe,
Of all mankind
You search for me and find me
Every single time

How can I not love you?
Lord of all
You created me to know you
To be loved and adored

You give me only promises filled with glory
A good land full of milk & honey
You dwell among your people
You destroyed all of my enemies
Every single friend and foe

How could I not love you?
The God who pledged himself to me
Even before I could walk or talk
Even after I ran away

You held my hand
And waited for me
At every corner, you glanced at me
With your soft eyes
and gently touched my heart
A beaten rebel, unknown, and caged
You open the door so precisely
Removed all my suffering and pain

How could I not love you?
The only male I have ever loved
To know you is to fall even more deeply
To walk in heaven while here on earth


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