It’s been awhile

I crave a sweet escape

A numbness of pleasure

I want this body to feel good

For my thoughts to cease

I want to lose myself in someone

I can’t recall losing myself in You

It has been awhile

I should try again

You have to be the answer

You should be the ultimate high!

In your presence their is fullness of joy

It’s so much easier to not feel anything

To dive into a temporary fix

Is this why I use to write so much before, because I was actually feeling?

Show me your will

Teach me your ways

Help me to always believe

That everything will be okay

You hold me by the hand

In you I cannot stumble

In you I have everything I need

Fullness of joy and peace

A love, that surpasses all understanding

A love that took you to the grave

That washed my sins away!

You are gracious, patient, and kind

May I fall in love with you, more and more every single day!


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