Ecstatic Jubilation

Back to Ravonne’s page > This poem speaks of the incredible high that God’s loves gives me! I was searching for love and fulfilment in all the wrong places, yet God was longing for me to see that His love is the best love of all!   God has a mountain of love where the […]

Your Majestic & Wonderful Ways

Back to Ravonne’s page > Your Majestic & Wonderful Ways I wrote this poem right after God led a divine connection to me and I received a new group of Christian friends through this connection. In my life God seems to be full of surprises and His ways amaze me. As I was reflecting on […]


Back to Ravonne’s page > Freedom I wrote this poem while reflecting on the transformation that the Holy Spirit has taken me through these past five years. God has worked radically in every part of my mind, body, soul, and spirit to change and restore all brokenness from my past.He has given me a new […]


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