Your Majestic & Wonderful Ways

I wrote this poem right after God led a divine connection to me and I received a new group of Christian friends through this connection. In my life God seems to be full of surprises and His ways amaze me. As I was reflecting on all the amazing things He has done, this love poem came and I wrote it down.


To my Heavenly Father:

Your Majestic & Wonderful Ways


I can’t fathom Your majestic & wonderful ways!

You are too brilliant for my eyes to behold!

Your voice is sweet like the breath of lilies dancing in the sunlight.

Your arms are strong; they wrap around me in Your glory and shield me from all harm.

Your lips speak glorious wonders; a stream of joy flows from all You do!

Your heart is broad and all-encompassing; it’s pure and gentle, yet strong and mighty.

The tenderness that comes from You enlightens my soul.

It flows through my being and penetrates the core of who I am.

You strengthen me to the bone; You made me in Your glorious image!

I ride on Your glory clouds as You take me higher.

Higher and higher—this love is so real. How can it be real?

How can it be real to find someone as marvellous as You, my loving Father!

If I’m dreaming, I never want to wake—For all my delight is in You!

Your ways and thoughts are extravagantly beyond what I could ever dream!

I always want more of You. You are my favorite addiction. I can never have enough!

I won’t be satisfied until I’m in Your arms for all eternity!


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