Ecstatic Jubilation

This poem speaks of the incredible high that God’s loves gives me! I was searching for love and fulfilment in all the wrong places, yet God was longing for me to see that His love is the best love of all!


God has a mountain of love where the passionate lovers of the Lord come to delight in Him.

His mountain overflows with tender mercies!

The joy of the Lord rolls down the hill and sweeps His beloved ones off their feet!

His children dance and play without a care.
He is holding them up and surrounding them with a new feeling—ecstatic jubilation!

The time is now!
The time is here:
Ecstatic jubilation for His bride!
Jump into His ocean of mercy.
He delights in you!
He is drawing you into Himself where you will be surrounded by a new lullaby.

A new love song.

A new revelation of His enormous love for you.

His love is cascading into the depths of your heart!

Let it penetrate into the roots of deception and pluck out all false belief!

Let His extravagant waterfall of peace wash over all doubt and unbelief!

Cast your cares over to Him!

He wants to take these burdens from you up on His mountain!

Come get away!

Come get away on His glorious mountain of love!

There is no love like the Love of Jehovah!
There is no love like His love!
There is no joy like the joy of Jehovah!
There is no joy like His joy!
There is no peace like the peace of Elohim!
There is no peace like His peace.

He is the author.
He is the creator!
It was His joy and delight to create YOU!

He is the beginning and the end.
Let Him finish the beautiful work that He started in you!
Let Him enthrall you with a myriad of blessings.
He loves you THAT much!
God loves you!
Soak in His love!

He created you for such a time as this!!!!
Enjoy the love of Your Father up on His mountain—right where you belong!


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