Thank You

Back to Crystal’s page > Thank You Father thank you for all the growth,Even the pains.Thank you for healing my brain….Thank You for the sunshineAnd thank You for the rain.Thank You for the angerAnd the desire to tame it.Thank You for the abilityTo recognize when I’m to blame.Thank you for the confidenceTo shout Your name […]


Back to Crystal’s page > Foundation You have full Reign to work your MiraclesIn and through me.I’m extremely humbledBy the way that you pursue me.With your love, kindness & direction,You gently drew me.And in this process,You began creating a new me.Thank you for your grace,I feel safe in this placeI run, making hasteTo seek solely […]


Back to Crystal’s page > PURPOSE When the walls are closing in,and I can’t remember why I’m here.When my mind is clouded with doubt, insecurities and fear.When the voice of God has faded,to where I’m barely able to hear….I have purpose. When I lose that loved one,That I didn’t think that I would lose.When I […]


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