OUT of the WOODS (Excerpt 3)

Back to Linday’s page > A scene is playing right now which I don’t like to see. He’s actually changing it from video to a seriesof stills. I hate it and don’t want to look. I still feel the pain and humiliation of it and he’s slowed itdown so I have to see every detail. […]

OUT of the WOODS (Excerpt 2)

Back to Linday’s page > Looking now at this smiling kid in the photo I see a longing in the eyes. It’s still my face. I still look like that. I feel just like that and now here come the tears never far away always lapping near the shoreline. There was never a real resting […]

OUT of the WOODS (excerpt 1)

Back to Linday’s page > Moving slowly, Shielding my eyes from the light. There is a house in front of me. A huge house. It has a solid wooden front door with one of those iron knockers in the centre. The windows are open – it looks light and airy. There’s no side entrance though […]


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