You prayed for me

I wrote this poem in response to the love of a Christian who hardly knew me. It was the first time I had ever gone for prayer ministry at church, it took a lot of guts to walk to the front and she was so full of God’s love and grace, it blew me away and had a profound effect on my life.  To be loved in that way as someone who had feared being judged as “not good enough” was a boost to my self-worth and faith.  I hope it encourages others to step out in faith and ask for prayer.


When you prayed for me, did you understand the significance, the magnificence of that act in my Christian journey?

You see, I’m not sure how you could hit the nail on the head so perfectly, get it so utterly right, but of course that’s forgetting the might of our Saviour Christ.

God gave me strength to ask for help, to take that step of faith, to recognise I am not an island.

I was frightened to show any weakness but God teaches us that meekness is OK and I guess that what I did today, ask for your help was God’s work at play.

But when I asked for help, I didn’t anticipate your compassion and kindness which blew my mind, your mute understanding that I was only conveying part of the story, just a fraction of my dissatisfaction, you got it, you understood me.

You radiated God’s love for me, you gave me a kind of certainty that this was God’s will, for me to reach outside my comfort zone, to reach out and know I’m not alone.

So thank you for your prayers, the depth and layers of your obedience and love, the way you serve your Father above.

Through your way of being, caring and listening, you opened my heart to no longer distance myself from the love of my sisters and brothers, to seek help and guidance, no longer in hiding, my fear of judgement subsiding


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