Trust and Obey

Leaving my partner of 16 years was so tough.  The truth is you don’t fall out of love, you just fall in love with Jesus more!  Navigating the separation was challenging, we were emotionally and financially dependent and it meant house sharing for a few years, before we finally went our separate ways.  This poem was written within the first year, when I was struggling significantly with all the fall out and seeking God for his path.

One thing I’m yet to learn, is how to be still, to empty my mind.

To unwind.

To leave behind my own fears and anxieties, to stand out in this damaged society as one at peace with my choices and actions, having satisfaction that I am obeying your calling, following the plans ordained for me since time began.

When molehills become mountains

Tens become thousands

Whispers magnify to shouting

Small fears mounting

Brain recounting




Listen to the voice from outside the turmoil of my mind.

A well-timed reminder that God never gives us more than we can handle.

STOP – think of it from another angle.

God promised that should we trust him, he will deliver, our Father’s a generous giver of life in all abundance.

Simply trust.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, acknowledge him in all your ways and he will direct your path. 

God is strong, in him will I trust, I trust you Lord, I say you are my God.


Have faith


Rely on the Lord my God, put all my fears into his hands, talk to him about my plans.

Listen to his feedback

Be prepared to take a step back

Regroup and once again declare my thoughts to God.

Be unafraid to share, open to prayer, until there is a sense of peace at decisions made, to rest in the knowledge that I have obeyed.

So in all my ways I seek to learn….No, I yearn

I yearn to discover how simple life will be when I simply trust and obey.

Never to stray away from this empowering advice for life,

Simply Trust and Obey.


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