This Flesh

This is me learning how to rely on Jesus and His holy spirit in dying (daily) to my lustful bi-polar flesh.


This flesh is bi-polar

The mind changes so fast

 want this and then I want that

It’ll never be enough because

only He can satisfy and this I know

But it doesn’t change the fact that

I still want!

I want what I can’t have.

This flesh wars with my spirit.

This evil is still inside of me

I will learn to give it all to you

Even in the moments I hate myself


I will learn how to grow in your grace

I will grow in the knowledge of my Savior.

I want what I know I don’t even really like

It’s the feeling I crave, that known high

This lust still lives inside me

This possessive state of mind

I won’t give in, my Savior holds me by the hand

He won’t let me go!

I won’t let go of His hand. 

Catch me in the air

I want to fall and

I’m not quite sure how

No one has ever penetrated

My heart this deeply

I must let go

I will let go and find myself in You!

I’m heaven bound.


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