The Spiritual Side of Things

Statement – written in November 2021 from the perspective of Habakkuk chapters 1-3

I had become like death and was not satisfied. My enlarged desires were bottomless like hell; my soul was not right within me. I extorted myself and stole that which wasn’t mine. I sinned against my soul. I was a creeping thing, with no rule and no order I forcefully murdered emotion after emotion, I thought I had filled the graveyard with my old self. All these survivors are now out to plunder me, a payback for all my murders and massacres. These terrible and dreadful emotions desire to live inside of me, to dwell in a place that is not theirs. To make my mind become a godless nation. These emotions are like horse’s swifter than leopards and fiercer than wolves at dusk. These horsemen come galloping from afar; they fly like an eagle swooping to devour me. All my labor was for nothing, my efforts fueled this fiery war that almost destroyed me. What profit is a man-made carved image? In which there is no breathe or life at all? I trusted a man-made image of lies! O Lord revive your work, in the midst of these years! Invade them with your troops. Remember mercy O God, in your wrath remember compassion. You are my strength, my source of courage; an invincible army within and outside of me. You make me steady and sure and allow me to walk forward in spiritual confidence; despite all my challenges and responsibilities! I will rest in the day of trouble. Though the fig tree may not blossom, I will choose to feel joy and delight in the God of my salvation.

I choose Him!


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