Spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening I have a new puppy. She’s a very tiny yorki-poo. As I sit here drinking my coffee this morning she comes to my leg and barks. I bend over and put my hands down and she climbs in them. I pull her toward me as she is shaking. I tell her shhh, it’s ok, I’ve got you and I hold her closer to my body. I stroke her head and soon she stops shaking. She sits in my lap content. There’s been days over the years when I could feel myself shaking…I would cry out and felt no one was hearing me. I felt no one would put their hands down so I could climb up into them. No one would hold me closely and tell me that’s it’s going to be ok.

Is it because I didn’t feel anyone was physically there to do these things? As I’ve been dealing with every aspect of myself these past few months I’ve come to the realization that God is and has always been there. I just didn’t have the capacity to really understand this. I feel that I had been so busy crying out that I couldn’t hear him telling me to shhh, it’s alright. I feel that I had been so busy shaking, that I didn’t feel His arms around me, holding me closely to him. It wasn’t until I started to love myself that I could accept His love. I can feel a shift in my most inner being. It amazes me the warmth and peace that floods over me with the realization that I am worth being loved. Wow, I am worth it, I am enough. With each brick that falls down, I get a deeper feeling of peace, and my mind becomes quieter. I’ve come to believe that it’s at these time God is saying to me, shhhh, it’s ok, I got you.


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