How amazing is our God, like a fiercely protective parent should be, he never fails us and this is why I wrote this poem

Never thought of it like this before, never thought that God looked down on me to draw up a plan of action and then mobilised his angels into battle

“Protect my child here, lead my child there, shield her from all that causes harm, disarm the enemy and keep her in safety, protect her thoughts and memories and help her give them all to me.” 

He knows the plans he has for me, he knows what I need to do, He wants to be my guide

Don’t hide, don’t supress these thoughts, hand them over to the Lord, he is faithful and true to his word, He loves me beyond all measure, he never wants to see me suffer, he offered his son to die on a cross so that I could have a joyous life, a life free of pain and free of shame

Stop taking the blame for things that happened long ago, stop feeling low about situations that were not of my creation, shun all negativity and seize every opportunity to praise and worship a heavenly Father who is bothered. 

Bothered that I feel this way, bothered that I’m failing to find a way to pass this over to him, he knows my thoughts and fears, he knows what’s bugging me, give it to the one who’s already secured my victory.


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