My Label

This walk is a journey and our God is so gracious as he moulds and shapes us.  I wrote this just a few months after I gave my life to Jesus and this is reflective of how I felt at that time.  Now I wear no label, I know who I am, I am a child of God and he has changed my affections, I no longer identify as gay, but this poem is an important part of my history with God.


I’m Gay (that’s a label, I don’t like it) but I guess in the big wide world that’s what I’m stuck with

I’m Gay, but hey me and God we’re dealing with it and that’s a conversation just between us

I wasn’t born this way, but somehow got into it, when I was young my wires got crossed, I went to church, but no one mentioned that stuff, I knew it was wrong (don’t ask me how) it wasn’t talked about, it was deep underground.

I’m Gay, but God loves me, he knows I’m a sinner, and when I turned back to him his arms opened wide, it made me feel so great inside, to know that my God never let go, never turned his back, didn’t judge or condemn, but waited patiently for his words to sink in, you are forgiven if you turn from your past, and hey now I know that I am saved at last

I’m Gay, that’s a label, please look right past it, don’t judge me, condemn me, or try to confront me, God and I we have conversations, I’m working it out and have my salvation.


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