Meet me in the clouds

Meet me in the clouds

You make me proud

To be my God

To be your servant

You created the skies

And when I fly by

I can’t help but see

Your marvelous works

Everything you did for me

Holy holy is the Lord God almighty

I will praise His name forever

If I lie down or awake, you are right next to me

You never leave my side

You never sleep

You are my warrior King

King Jesus I will praise your name

Your love surrounds me

Your love overcomes me

Your love is in control

How can I not trust the God who created all things?

Who created a master plan just to bring me home?

How can I not serve you all the days of my life?

May you always make me live for you!

The flesh in me can never arise! It can never take control, for it separates me from you and reminded me of my old self! I hate that person!


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