Lover of my soul

Reminder to self that Jesus wants to play footsies with me.


Help me to give up all my cravings of love to you!

The smiles, the hugs, the looks, all of it. I want to give them to you.


No one will love me like you do.

No one looks at me the way you do.

No one smiles at me the way you do.

No one thinks of me as much as you do.

No one wants me as badly as you want me Jesus.

Now and for all eternity my heart is yours!


You are the lover of my soul.

The man that pursued me until death and beat death to come find me again.

I hung you on that cross so many times and you patiently take it all Jesus to come find me again!


You are the true definition of love.

The God of gods chose me as His love, as His own.

The creator of all, who knows ALL loves me anyway!

My ugly, my good, my bad, my all!

He chose me & still chooses me every single day!


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