Knock Knock

Knock Knock was written as I continued to explore what this Christian life looked like.  It had been a simple decision to leave my relationship, I was clear that was not God’s best for me, but what about other parts of my life? There has been a lot of work for God to do, 48 years of bad habits and sinful thought patterns needing to be addressed!  But that’s why I love God so much, he is so gracious and gentle with us!


Knock knock.  I opened the door to my heart Lord, I opened it wide so you could come inside.

I opened the door to my heart, the front door, that’s a start, you have a place right there, in the hall.  What, you don’t just want to stare at these walls, you want to explore and see my place, to see the rest of my space to make things fall into place to bless me with your glorious grace?

OK, but some doors remain firmly closed, the hinges have seized, the locks have frozen, the windows are faulty, or is what I’m saying that I’m not quite ready to let go, to open myself up, to free my heart from uncomfortable issues (get ready with tissues), from habits I’ve formed, things I quite liked and I can’t quite decide if I’m totally ready to follow your biblical guide.

Knock knock, who’s there?  I needn’t ask, I know you’re there, I know I need to extend my hospitality.  In reality would I leave a friend out in the dark, or invite them in to park their backside on my chair, to eat their share, to enjoy each other’s company, talk, agree, disagree, become each other’s family?

I know the doors that need some oil, the hinges that need some toil to loosen the rust.  I know that I can place my trust in you, to invite you into every door, what’s more, to hand the fear of surrender to you, to believe you the defender of our souls, will heal and mend and make me whole.

Knock knock, come in Lord, please look around, all doors wide open, no secrets to be found, I need your healing and your grace, I need to look you in the face and say to you I’m here, I’m me, thank you for saving me, thank you for opening every door, sharing my life forever more.


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