Jesus in Skin

I read a daily devotional that talked about being Jesus in skin, and that got me to thinking!

My ambition, to be like Jesus in skin.

Can you take in what it would be like, to follow his teachings and like, well here’s the thing, it’s not just a story, so to reflect all his glory through my way of living, would help others to see that He died not just for me, but for all humanity.

What would it mean, love my neighbour as I love me?  Not simply my neighbour I see every day but all those I meet along the way, whether young or old, sick or well, Christian and other religions as well.

Forgive me my sins as I forgive others.  Do I forgive others as I should, do I make excuses, I would, but…?  As Jesus in skin, forgiveness is akin to breathing, if I don’t forgive I am nothing.

Respecter of authority, not a follower of the majority, am I prepared to be in a minority? Not one for conformity, not a wannabe yet confident in my theology.

Jesus in skin, would go out of his way, push the boundaries of possibility, leave a lasting legacy. 

What did you do for me?

What will I do with my life? 

The challenge is clearly to think as he would, give freely of my time and mind, take a step back when I need to remind myself that love is required.  Bring compassion and a passion to engage in society, not with piety or for notoriety, but with a sense of propriety, quietly and silently serving our mighty God through my behaviour, reflecting that of our saviour, being Jesus in skin.


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