Idolatrous lies & deception

Reminder to self that no love will compare to that of Jesus’s love. No matter how good it makes me feel. Sin is pleasurable but for a season.

How could I have picked another?
How easy was it for I to offer my soul to her?
I gave her everything & deceived myself in the process.
Did I think she would supply me with eternal riches and endless infinite love?
Would she be able to save me from an eternity in hell?
Did she die a bloody death on a wooden cross for me?
If I spit in her face, if I backstabbed her 100 times, if I deserted like I did You, would she still love me?
The human heart is frail, it is deceitful above all things.
I lied to you. I lied to myself.
All for some imaginary non-existent standard of love.
For zero peace, for an influx of negative thoughts.
Who am I without you, the creator of my heart & soul?
Who am I without you?
An animal half-dead on the side of the road.
A half-dead heart is a life barely living.
I know you have better for me.
Help me in my disbelief!
I’ve never seen, nor can think or imagine your plans for my life.
My life is your life, help me to live it as such.
Worthy is the king of my heart.
Worthy of all of it, every thought, every dream, every smile,
Every laugh, everything!
Because everything is yours!
This body, this heart, this soul.


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