Hey God it’s me

I never fail to be amazed at how God communicates with us through other people.  This was a poem I wrote 3 months after I followed Jesus and reminds me of how he was working behind the scenes to ensure that I would get a new circle of friends to boost me and support me after all I had lost.

Hi God, it’s me.  Thanks so much for answering prayers, thanks that you work in mysterious ways, so like today you provided a message for me, via the Facebook post of a friend of a friend, you didn’t choose to send this directly to me, but ensured that through using a third party, not only would I get the message, but also the blessing of a friend, who fed back to her friend and before I have time to spend any more time being amazed by your grace, they’ve messaged and my support circle just grew to include another who’s committed to you.

So God what have I learnt?  I certainly know now that I’m not to get burnt by the devil who thrills to distract and deceive, who wants me to believe that my past is so bad that I have to hide, he wants me sad, but hey, I’m glad that I now see, my eyes are raised high up to the skies, I will not listen to his lies, but simply rely on your deep love and grace, knowing that the face of God is turned towards me, oh my word how can that be, you love me, what an amazing and uplifting feeling, my head is reeling.

OK so it’s not like I can promise that I won’t get things wrong, but I know that like in the song I have ten thousand reasons for my heart to find, ten thousand reasons to praise and worship your Holy name, and for that I can keep my eyes lifted to you, endeavour to succeed in all that I do, in all my paths acknowledge you and to your Holy word be true. 

Your love is a revelation to me, you loved me before my eyes could see, before I set foot on this earth you loved me from before my birth and that is why you rejoiced on high the day that I, yes I turned to you and asked for forgiveness for all that I do and all that had gone, for all the sins that I had done.  Can there be a greater love than the Father’s love above?

Moving on Lord, I will always need your love and care, I still need my friend who stared through my pain and helped me find a life again, I’ll always need a circle of those who you choose to walk beside me on this long and narrow way, but I rest easy now that you will pave the way with people I can trust and friends who I can also serve, mutual support through the roller coaster of life on this earth. 

God, thank you so much for all the changes you have brought about in my daily journey, thank you for my happy story, the one that I intend to share and pray to help unwrap layer by layer the pain of my gay sisters and brothers, and others who have received undue condemnation, who struggle with the concept of damnation for their actions, who hurt when others reactions are revealed, who need your mercy to be healed.

Well God what more can I say, thank you for today, I have so much to ponder on, so much more positivity than I started with and a greater understanding of how I may now progress, maintain my connectedness with those in my life whom I hold so dear, whilst also drawing near to you, my fear is diminishing, I am winning, thank you God.


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