Food and Me

For a lot of my adult life I was Bulimic and when I gave my life to Jesus it was an area that needed addressing.  It was another year before I became an overcomer and here’s a poem I wrote whilst in the middle of that battle.

Food and me, well there’s the issue, We don’t have a good relationship.  Sometimes good acquaintances and other times our relationship a blatant cause of painful choices.

I need to learn to respect my body, be proud of the shell my Father gave me, don’t conform to norms of society, eat and drink more healthily.

Thank you for helping me to resist the temptations that used to persist, to desist from drastic action, to shy from the attraction of control and find other ways to feel more whole.

Please help me now as I learn and grow, to embrace your support and care, make me aware of all my options and help me to choose the right actions to fully overcome my food perception and turn away from Satan’s deception.


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