Do not be anxious about anything – November 26th 2021

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your request to God – Philippians 4:6

It’s amazing how we think God’s plan has us heading one way only to see that was in fact a detour onto a bigger journey. I never thought I’d leave working with disabled adults. I absolutely loved doing what I did. I had prayed about it for months and an opportunity presented itself and I took a full time position at Fleet Farm. Again a job I really loved with some really amazing people that taught me so much. These past 4 months have been a whirlwind. I’ve been praying what my purpose is in this life. I’ve been doing a lot of examining as to who I am but most importantly, who I am through God.

Driving 45 minutes one way to work every day gave me a lot of time for reflection. I started taking care of me. I examined every aspect. Things dealt with and things locked behind the doors of my inner most being. Then God decided to slow me back down and I had to have a major surgery. With no guarantee I would be able to have my position back I decided God knew his plans better than I did and moved forward. Received the best news possible that there was no more cancer cells and everything went great. But, one of the rare complications of the surgery is a blood clot. I developed one within the first week. On a spot that would double the pain and slow down the healing even more. A surgery that I thought I’d bounce back from after a few weeks, still has me down a month later. During this time I’ve had a lot more time to reflect. I have to admit I suck at not being able to do anything. I was awful at staying off my feet, and had to be reminded (a lot) that I’m not supposed to being doing something. Before my surgery a friend told me to put a few resumes out and let God take it from there. During the healing time I was contacted and had an offer that only God and a few close friends knew about. Once my Doctor releases me to go back to working, I will be the new assistant manager at a local gas station. Instead of a 45 minute drive I’ll only have a 17 minute drive. I’m excited for the new adventure and being closer to my family, my number one priorities. My granddaughter thinks this means her and GiGi will be taking a lot of drive to get slushees. -God has great plans in store for me


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