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Want to become part of the Rev12 Project?

If you’re an artist/poet/dancer/musician/writer or any other type of artist who has journeyed through same sex attraction (SSA), is now following Jesus, and would like to share your testimony through ART we would love for you to join us in our endeavour in spreading the “good news”. Pls complete the form below and one of our Rev12 team members will be in touch shortly.

Looking for support?

The Rev12 project was birthed by members of Transformed International, a peer support group for Christians who journey with same sex attractions and have decided to follow Jesus and obey His word. With people who have been out for 25+ years to those who have recently decided to follow Jesus, you will find a family of people who will encourage and support you in your journey of faith. Interested?

To find out more about our support groups visit us at: or click on the buttons below and someone from Transformed Ministries will be in touch shortly.


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