Back to Mark’s page > Though costly, I presume, And censuring be hard, I bring You my perfume, Composed of purest nard.


Back to Mark’s page > The only doorway to find Aslan from this world is within your heart.


Back to Mark’s page > The scourge, the thorns, the brutal climb Alone to Calvary’s hill top, The cross and death could end His time, But couldn’t make His love stop.


Back to Mark’s page > Reason for submission: It's supernatural how Jesus passionately loved us while he suffered. To tarry at Your feet, my Lord,all else but love dismisses;my ointment now is all outpoured,I’ve nothing left but kisses.


Back to Mark’s page > As light through tiles of glass the forest green extols with tall and arching beams the Bishop of our souls.

Trysting Place

Back to Mark’s page > The crowd was raucous on that day When You were hanging from the tree, Yet somehow they all fade away Until there’s only You and me.


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